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AOûT 2017
 + DU 21.08.2017 AU 25.08.2017
 + DU 21.08.2017 AU 25.08.2017
 + JEUDI 24.08.2017
DJ: Chris Hingher + Kevin Cowens + Bardy + Mighty Dan vs Evil Dick CONCERT: Piratø Ketchup
 + JEUDI 31.08.2017
CONCERT: Boda Boda + Monolithe Noir DJ: Lumoon & Rob!n + Gewelt + Freiboitar (DE)
 + VENDREDI 01.09.2017
DJ: Cerrone (FR) + Joss Mendosah + The Babel Disco Set + Globul PERFOS MUSIC: Disco Dewane + Barako Bahamas (VAT)
 + JEUDI 07.09.2017
CONCERT: Casse-Gueule (FR) + Plax (US) + Meta Meat (FR) DJ: Mighty Dan vs Evil Dick
 + SAMEDI 09.09.2017
DJ: TODIEFOR + The Prototypes (UK) + Popof (FR) + Comah (FR) + Guts (dj set) (FR) + Vandal (UK) + Apashe (CA) + Reggaebus Soundsystem + Imadeus + Vladimir Platine + Paula Temple (IT) + Gridlok (NL) + Dj Guv (UK) + MANUDIGITAL (FR) CONCERT: Mani Deïz (FR) + Davodka (FR) + Lorenzo (FR) + Caballero & JeanJass + Chilla (FR) + Fuku + Swift Guad (FR) + R.O. + Al'tarba (FR) + Dope D.O.D (NL) + Josman
 + JEUDI 14.09.2017
CONCERT: The Zombie Crows + Dirty Fences (US) + Magnetix (FR) + Black belts DJ: Terrence Parker & Merachka (US) + Ralph Storm vs Frsh Warrior + El Niño EXPO: Christine Rose Divito
 + JEUDI 21.09.2017
CONCERT: Die Wilde Jagd (DE) + Attic Ted DJ: Society of Silence (FR) + Pierre + Amber (NL)
 + DU 23.09.2017 AU 24.09.2017
 + JEUDI 28.09.2017
CONCERT: Autopsie d'une Ombre (FR) + Guantanamo Baywatch (US) + Guili Guili Goulag DJ: Surfing Leons + Terry Francis (UK) + Logeno EXPO: Christine Rose Divito
 + JEUDI 05.10.2017
CONCERT: Slift (FR) + Spanked (FR) + Mandales
 + JEUDI 12.10.2017
CONCERT: The Pinheads (AU) + Sects Tape
 + JEUDI 19.10.2017
CONCERT: Kaouenn (IT) + Pneumatic Head Compressor + Missiles of October
 + JEUDI 26.10.2017
CONCERT: Le Mal des Ardents (FR) + Nail Art (FR) + La Coupure (FR) + Ottone Pesante (IT) + Catalogue (FR)
 + SAMEDI 28.10.2017
CONCERT: Giorgia Angiuli (Live) (IT) + Molecule (Live) (FR) DJ: Fabrice Lig vs Globul
 + JEUDI 02.11.2017
CONCERT: Miss Tetanos (BE) + Roxanne Trüde (FR) + Rvette Enervée (FR) DJ: Curver & Wood Boy PERFOS MUSIC: Silver Machine
 + JEUDI 09.11.2017
CONCERT: Dario Mars and The Guillotines + Jelly & Ice Cream DJ: Pompom vs Evil Dick
 + JEUDI 16.11.2017
 + JEUDI 23.11.2017
CONCERT: Rince Doigt + Monosiren + Ginger Bamboo + Hugo Freegow
 + JEUDI 30.11.2017
CONCERT: Lee Van Cleef (IT)
AVRIL 2018
 + SAMEDI 14.04.2018

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DU 28.07.2017 AU 29.07.2017 :: 
Reggaebus Festival #6 2017 ::
Concert: Kanka (FR) + ROOTSMAN SAX (NL)

We're really happy to be back with a huge line up in a great location which will include an heavy line up on 4 stages and a great atmosphere as always 

4 Stages - 35 artists - Great vibe - Many sound systems - Delicious Food - Camping

Friday: Agobun Sound System, Mad Codiouf ft Kiangana, Gussie P ft Prince Livijah, Lord Ambassador Soundsystem, Dub Up Hi-fi, The Roots Corner, Metta Frequencies, O.B.F. Sound system ft Horace Andy, Zion Train Soundsystem, Manudigital, Kanka

Saturday: Sonik, Agobun Soundsystem, Jah Free, Martin Campbell, Jah Observer, Channel One, Roots Meditation Sound system ft Mo'Kalamity, Shalamanda, Ras Kush & Judah Eskender Tafari, Don Fe ft Prince Jamo, Roots Meditation ft Mo'Kalamity, BlackBird Soundsystem, Medical Dub, Michael Exodus, Studio Humbl & High'R'ites, Dubatriation, Wicked & Bonny, Young Warrior, Iration Steppas fr Murray Man, O.B.F. Soundsystem ft Shandi D & SR Wilson... 

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 » AGOBUN SOUND SYSTEM (FR)  (Dub / Roots Reggae)
Soundsystem Reggae Roots based in Lille, Agobun was inspired by the local scene (Chalice, Coptic …) and Dub sounds from London (Abashanti, Shaka, Tubbys …). Over the years, the crew has built a solid underground reputation. At the BASS TEMPLE, EARLY DUB, LILLE DUB ALLSTARS and then WARRIOR CHARGE, Agobun Sound System is also regularly invited to Belgium and performs every year at the Lille Music Festival.
Agobun is committed to providing high-quality sound that combines power and clarity and transmits an original vibe to every session. They currently record and mix their own dubplates with clearly Roots 80s-90s influences.

Blackbird Sound was founded in 2015 but actually we’ve been playing at the same parties since the nineties. Whoever visited one of the parties at Izzy Maze in those years, knows what kind of vibe we’re representing. During the years we met a lot at parties and festivals, but with the emerging of more and more soundsystems in Belgium we felt like we were missing a lot of the music we favor at those parties.
Dancehall parties are all about dancehall and dubparties are mainly about heavy, digital dub.
Each time we heard the deep bass of those dubsounds, we were talking about how great it would be to hear this or that rootstune playing on a real soundsystem. It was only a matter of time and during the summer of 2015 we decided to start building our own sound so we could play the tunes we want to play. Those old dancehall vibes and magical roots anthems, as well as rocksteady and dub. Blackbird Sound is all about the love for reggae and bringing the vibes to the people.

 » CHANNEL ONE (UK)  (Roots rock reggae/dub)

One of the world’s greatest and best known dub reggae sound system, run by legendary selector Mikey Dread, and featuring MC Ras Kayleb.

 » DON FE (ES) 
UK born musician and producer based in Spain for over 20 years. His passion since the age of 5 has been music (classically trained in piano, flute and theory) and as from 16 reggae. From his humble beginnings in the 80s with a 4 track and a TDK D90 his riddims and productions are now being played by the worldís most respected sounds ñ Channel 1, Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti, Iration Steppas
and many more all over the world.
Dub-Up Hifi was established late 2016 to bring reggae music in a soundsystem style to the people.
A new sound in town with firm roots in the reggae & dub community.
Operator Dubgrow has been selecting aswell as organising the Dub-up & Tacticz sessions for many years.
Selecta Samwise regulary plays as Jah Frequency and hosts his Frequency Radioshow for 3 years now.
Little Lion completes the trio as MC
Together they bring crucial roots, heavy dubwise & good vibes on their 6 scoop soundsystem in the dance
Label indépendant et activiste underground depuis 2010, Dubatriation est à l’origine des premières sorties vinyles de Panda Dub, Dub Engine ou encore Mayd Hubb. Résident des soirées _Protect The Dub ‡ Dijon, le sound system du label accueille tous les mois producteurs et artistes internationaux pour des showcases exclusifs et autres sound meetings musclés… Stepper deep conscious et militant aux influences UK 90’s (Alpha & Omega, Disciples…), Dubatriation cultive sans concession le style méditatif et hypnotique…
strictly dubwise, no compromise.
 » GUSSIE P (UK)  (Reggae)

A successful London based producer and engineer whose music mixes and matches the greatest of the old with the best of the new. Gussie’s studio and his Sip A Cup and Gussie P labels have been one of the cornerstones of the UK reggae music scene over the last two decades.

 » HIGH’R ITES   (Reggae)

High’r Ites soundsystem is a crew of likeminded bredrins originated in Leuven, belgiums Dubtown. As the tradition goes, we started out by tagging along with the more experienced sounds here in leuven. Helping carry speakers, record boxes and all that by doing this we had the oppurtunity to learn how the soundsystem biznizz works next we begun to promote dances in and around our hometown to get the people learn to know reggae music and as things and time passed we managed to get our own sound on the road! High’r Ites soundsystem is standing strong! Nuff respect to jaromatix, sticksman, samwise, soul remedy,rootstock massives, rich brown, kingstep crew, ion youth and all the people who have supported us over the year.

 » HORACE ANDY (JM)  (Reggae)

Horace Andy is not only one of the most important Reggae singers of recent years, but has one of the most beautiful voices in popular music. As the vocals on much of Massive Attacks work, he reached a wide audience, and is responsible for some of the classic reggae tunes including “Skylarking”, “You Are My Angel” and “Cus Cus”.


Mark Iration & Dennis Rootical are behind the Iration Steppas group. Like many of his Anglo-Saxon compatriots, Mark Iration was an unconditional fan of Jah Shaka and Jah Tubby’s, legends of sound systems in London. Like him, he began collecting vinyls and, pushed by his entourage, debuted in Deejaying, creating his first sound in 1990. At the same time he composed the first tracks in his studio in Leeds : The High Rise, which sees the release of the first two productions home.

 » Jah Free (UK)  (Dub)

Active on the Dub scene for over 30 years and a founding member of the Reggae Bushfire group, Jah Free is nicknamed the Dub Activist. It will offer the Reggaebus festival a magical moment, cut off from the world, as he knows how to do well.

 » JAH OBSERVER (UK)  (Reggae / Roots)
Sound System before any family, Jah Observer is a legend in the roots / reggae culture. Originally christened Tippertone in tribute to Bob Marley, The Mighty Jah Observer follows in the footsteps of the biggest names. Present on the reggae scene for over forty years,
it is with honor that the Dub Corner will welcome Austin “Spider” Palmer and all his family.

Ronald Merrills otherwise known as Judah Eskender-Tafari with his captivating melodic voice, delivers the positive message of faith, hope and charity through music.As a youth growing up in Jamaica, Eskender enjoyed listening to music by artists like Delroy Wilson, Ken Booth, Bob Marley, John Holt, Burning Spear and Dennis Brown, Smokey Robinson, Luther Vandross, and Stevie Wonder, to name a few.


Lord Ambassador Sound-system are from East London. Part of the Channel One Sound-System family, Alvin Roots plays regularly at Notting Hill Carnival right next to his uncle Mikey Dread. Lord Ambassador is the sound of the future and has carried his sound to France and beyond, watch this space.

 » MAD CODIOUF & KIANGANA   (Dub / Reggae)
MAD CODIOUF (BE) has been working on the Reggae scene since 2001.
After several collaborations and experiences in the Reggae-Dancehall and Soundclash business, it is following a journey between Switzerland and France as well as his integration into the OBF Sound System family that he takes a turn to Dub and traditional analog mix learning Sound System Culture as boxman trough travels with O.B.F Family.
Mad Codiouf begins to explore his musical universe, compose and mix his first productions with Rico OBF blending this
traditional technique of mixing DUB with more contemporary and vanguard sounds.
After a first EP 4 tracks on free download on the label MarÈe Bass, the Belgian Dubber releases his 1st vinyl 12 inch on the label Digipirate with 2 titles Polska and Koolios as well as a 7 inch vinyl on the Italian label Dub Invasion Record in collaboration with Humble Brother And Nish Wadada.
Upcoming projects and releases with Kiangana, Omar Perry and more are stil in the making.
On his return to Belgium, he meets Frank who proposes to support him to launch the Reggaebus Sound System. In 2016, they traveled more than 5000km together in a truck to the Eastern Europe loaded with the Sound System for a series of 11 dates in 1 month in cities like Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest, Cracow, Wroclaw, BerlinÖMad Codiouf offers a musical journey oscillating between Reggae-Roots sounds to the darker and explosive sounds of the UK Stepper.
Kiangana is singing for about a life time, but producing is a whole new Universe to her & the people who know her as a Singer. Since 3 years she has been producing in silence. 2 december 2015 she shared her first tune “Free Bird” on Soundcloud.
For many years Kiangana sang in different groups. In Belgium.First as a backing vocalist for the soul funk group “Societe Anonyme” , later as backing vocalist in a reggae/hip hop group named “Wahwahsda”.
In 2011 she started singing as lead vocal in the Roots reggae group “Iron Ites.” They won the Benelux Reggae Contest in 2013. Before that time, she met Crucial Alphonso & the Dub scene. Longside Crucial she started singing on soundsystem, from 2009 it started to happen more often.
She worked & works with Crucial Alphonso, Saimn-i, Jah Heavy Load, Irie Ilodica, Collieman, Alpha Steppa, Dub Dynasty,
JahYu, African High Fly,Adi Shankara, Bzeuni, Mahom & many more…
In the dance she shared the microphone with Weeding Dub, O.B.F, Charlie P, Jah Heavy Load, Mahom, Dawa Hifi, Barbes D,
Askala Selassie, Dub Dynasty, Dubkasm, Alpha Steppa , Reggaebus Soundsystem, Mad Codiouf etc… For Kiangana it’s an absolute Blessing to be able to express herself true her music, not only by writing lyrics & singing them but also to produce from the very first note till the very last. Producing is healing! Music is oxygen for the world.
 » MANUDIGITAL (FR)  (Reggae)

Fondateur de son propre soundsystem, bassiste, producteur, Manudigital a rejoint les plus gros noms de la scène reggae françaises, autant derrière les platines que derrières ses instruments avec des artistes comme Nuttea, Tonton David, Brahim, Fefe Typical, Big red... La carrière solo qui s'en suivra sera tout aussi lourde! 

Martin Campbell was born in Germany, in 1955. When he was two years old his family moved to Jamaica.
He soon discovered a talent for music and by the age of seven was an accomplished pianist!
After spending two years at the famous Alpha Boys’ School, Martin moved on to Military school.
He also joined the Sea Cadets where his aptitude for music was encouraged and he learnt to play the
Side Drum and Bugle.
Martin Campbell outlines his philosophy on the music that he arranges, produces and sometimes sings,
ìMy main aim is to continue to build and provide Roots-Reggae rhythms with a certain ëfeelí or character
for artists to voice. I think that the pace of the World is moving too fast and sometimes itís nice just
to slow the tempo a little. Thereís plenty of the usual styles of music around, but Iíd like to try and preserve
something thatís more lasting and more permanent After all, why should everything sound the same?
It just becomes boring and staid.î
 » MEDICAL DUB (FR)  (Dub)
Launched in June 2016 , Medical dub is a musical collaboration introducing the dub music to the musical therapy of inner peace and mindfulness meditation. Busy in music as the french singer Ophelia and the Belgian selector from Lion Paw Movement but also as organisators with ADB Foundation and Natural Mystic, they will work in collaboration to cultivate their own “therapy” and spread their music and messages in their respectives hometowns. By this way,they will link with many other
europeans dub artists like Mad Codiouf, Kiangana, or Michael Exodus… and start to work on different projects of productions and collaborations .Guided by their theory that the music is the medication they propose special selections walking from old Roots, to Reggae, Dub and Stepper .
A mix of original tunes, special dubplates and Home-Made productions, combining deep messages, wild bass and mystical melodies; mostly inspired by Reggae/dub but also influenced by World Music.
 » METTA FREQUENCIES   (Reggae / Dub)
METTA FREQUENCIES is a brand new musical project born with the meeting between two belgian dub producers and musicians called Mighty Max and Mighty Patch.
Reggae addict and passionated by sound systems since the 2000s, Mighty Max is one of the members of  the Soul Skankin crew, organising parties and providing Reggae Dub culture in the South Belgium/Luxembourg region. He performed many shows as Selecta/Dj alongside great french artists and famous jamaican singers like General Levy, Joseph Cotton, and many moreÖ
Saxophonist and dub lover since early times, Mighty Patch is the Selecta of The Mighty Patch Dub Crew, a reggae dub posse from Brussels created in 2009, featuring the singers Ichman, Mic Mo Lion, and J-Low.
He was also invested in the Reservoir Dub crew on Radio Panik, providing reggae dub music in live sessions, making artists interviews, and driving a new netlabel since 2013.
Really fascinated by Reggae Dub culture and his foundations, the two guys met each other across belgian reggae dances, and discovered an unexpected similar wish to push up their creative vibrations. They began then to collaborate, produce and record some novel tracks together.
After many sessions, shows and festivals around Belgium and Europe during the last years with their respective musical experiences, the Mighty duo decided to launch a new live project mixing original reggae-dub productions and vinyls selections, along with live effects, instruments players, and singers. Starting from Roots Reggae till UK Dub influences, they propose a deep live journey into the roots of dub music.
Producer and dub master for his label Dub-O-Matic.
His sound is characterized by electronic sounds
mixed with the roots reggae and dub, which blend
with synthetic rhythms to create a style.
Since 2012 he has released three vinyl singles, collaborating
with artists such as Ras and Mykha LucaDread.
He performed with international artists such as Danny Red,
Macka B, Jonah Dan,and many more
 » MO KALAMITY (FR)  (Reggae)


 Born in Cap Verde but raised in France, Mo Kalamity is a important female figure on the reggae scene nowadays.  Her musical influences are rich and include altogether classic reggae and soul from the golden age of JamaÔca in the 60s and 70s as well as more global afro american music. She will be releasing her third and last album in Canada Soul of Freedom with Huta Music record label on the 3rd of june 2016.

 » MURRAY MAN (UK)  (Reggae)
Murray Man has been involved with reggae music since the 80s, selecting and DJing on Birmingham soundsystems.
By 98, he started producing on his own label Mellow Vibes, releasing his own as well as many other singersí material.
Murray Man is a versatile performer, and his varied styles range from old school DJing to soulful singing, always with a positive uplifting message, which has made him famous across Europe. Specialising in UK Roots, he has released music with many labels such as Roots Spirit, Cultural Warriors, Mungoís HiFi, amongst many others. His latest release on Friendly Fire Music is Get Away on the Legalize Riddim played by Friendly Fire Band.
 » O.B.F SOUND SYSTEM (FR)  (Dub / Roots)
Rico and G. started collecting music in the late 90’s from revival roots to uk dub style.  They then realised they need powerfull sound system to play their selections in Geneva and French underground venues. In the early 2000’s they decided to build their own sound system. Inspirated by the uk and Jamaican sound system, heavy bass scoops were build, to drop some heavy bass pressure, sharp mid and top range section to get the proper feeling of the reggae and dub music as it should be. Influenced by different music, they developped their own style. O.B.F. had to be unique in the soundman business to go forward. They love roots reggae and world music but they also like the new digital stuff comin from everywhere.
O.B.F. creates music with all kind of drum machine and synth, mixing roots rock reggae with new digital sounds.
Their style brought a fresh breeze in the dub world, and finally they get the French Dub touch.
Now a regular on the european reggae scene, O.B.F play to rock the nation and make people dance on conscious bass music.
Have a look on their new label O.B.F record and Dubquake.
 » PRINCE JAMO (UK)  (Reggae)

Ian Campbell aka Prince Jamo born and raised in England in the city of Birmingham. Starting singing in choirs at an earlier age of 6. Self taught musician started his musical journey from the age of 10. First band was created at school for a regional project and never looked back.

 » PRINCE LIVIJAH (UK)  (Roots Reggae)
 » RAS KUSH BLACK REDEMPTION (US)  (Reggae / Roots / Dub)

In the 1990’s, Ras Kush re-entered the Sound System world, playing vintage reggae, roots & dubwise selections at NYC venues.
He joined, and became the selector for a sound system called Roots Potential, formerly based in the island St. Vincent where it was known as Dread at the Control, with the elder founder “Love Man” Sano Judah.

Roots Meditation is a sound system active since 2006 Parisian artisan whose distribution system emerged in 2010.
Ras Klem & Fred Wise share a passion for vinyl records collection for many years.
They are designed to spread the spiritual and meditative message of reggae Roots & Culture through selections Roots 70ís Roots and Uk in a spirit consient and activist.
Roots Meditation had the opportunity to meet Sound System as Bass & Fire, Dub Livity, Jah Militant, Revelation Hifi, Kiraden, International Skankers, Blackboard Jungle and other actors in the scene roots & culture and artists such as Mighty Massa, Ras Muffet, MaíKaya, Iration Steppas, Dub Judah, Maasai Warrior.
They regularly participate in meetings sound system in the Paris and the provinces.
The inspiration and motivation has brought together the right people at the right time in life.
The collective of artists as different as they could be, was the foundation for Shalamanda HiFi as it exists today as an independent dub and roots reggae soundsystem.
Established in 2006, the first organized events and performances were the beginning of a development which Shalamanda HiFi has now made the first and biggest Austrian soundsystem with its own speakerboxes and a clear focus, to spread the message of Rastafari, love, peace and spirituality through their selection and vibes. This message get forced by handcrafted meter high boxes (24 x 18inch) which put the whole body in meditative vibrations.
Musically Shalamanda HiFi can be classified very clearly:
Reggae, Roots & Culture. Of rare productions from Jamaica in the 60s and 70s to current dub creations from around the world. Through the love to music and culture each session is a particularly an authentic experience for your body,mind and soul.
Their biggest project now is their Rise & Shine Festival, which has also international attention in the meanwhile.
They are also the organizers and founders of the only regular Dub club in Austria, the Vienna Dubquake which hosted already some of the greatest sounds, producers and singers of this genre and gave the honor to the audience.
The greatest musical achievements including appearances on Seasplash Festival (CRO), Rototom Sunsplash (ESP), Dub Academy (GER) , UNOD and many other local and international clubs and festivals. Until their first homegrown productions will appear on vinyl, it is only a matter of time, because in the studio they also tinkering already busy on their own Shalamanda Vibe!
 » SHANTI D (FR)  (Dub)
Shanti D started to talk about it with the tracks recorded on High Tone dubs.
He has also released titles in collaboration with Fabasstone and Anti Bypass (Dub Addict).
For some time Shanti D accompanies OBF at the Geneva Dubquakes and other sessions throughout France.
He recently starred Dub A Dub Residence’s Breton High Stand and released a 7 “on Dubatriation Records with Mayd Hubb.
 » SONIK   (Dub)
Sonik is hailing from Jah Heavy Load out of Antwerp, Belgium.
Since 2007 he is operator/selector/ dj of the 20kw soundsystem.
He is always diggin for the heavier steppers and dubs. Inspired by the dubplates he now produces heavy electronical steppers. He already collaborated with several singers, producers & instrumentalists.
Cheese Patrol, Nish Wadada, Dub Conductor, Crucial Alphonso, Kiangana , Fikir Amlak to name a few.
Expect exclusive dubplates, heavy basslines and solid melodies strictly suited for soundsystem.
 » SR WILSON (ES)  (Reggae)
Mr. Wilson is part of a new line of Singjay’s that the national panorama of Roots Reggae / Dancehall offers us.
After his ‘GoodMan Style’ and almost two years of touring and presentations, this Catalan ‘deejay’ from raggamuffin
is already, for some months now, immersed in the process of creating what will be his second official LP, next to
Producer GenÌs Trani.
 » STUDIO HUMBL   (Roots)
Studio Humbl is a sound out of the west of belgium, hailing on the border of france.
Playing roots, new roots, possitive minded and one love music!!
Heavy vibes, Powerfull message!!!
Let us get together and feel allright!!!
 » THE ROOTS CORNER   (Dub / Roots)
“The Roots Corner is a Brussels based crew counting 2 selectors/operators : Jah Piet and Leo.
They bring to the people musical pearls of roots, uk dub and steppers out of a massive vynil collection, dubbing it live with their pre-amplifier, effects and sirens.
BabbaJah is the official MC of the sound and fills the B sides of his conscious lyrics, vocal melodies and live binghi drums.
They launched the Belgian Dub Community parties back in 2013, bringing a true Beljam family vibes to the massive, inviting the best sounds around and going international occasionally.
The crew has already played along names like Mad Professor, DJ Vadim, Weeding Dub, Prince Fatty, Zenzile, Dubateers Ganja Tree, Dubwise Hi-fi and of course with a lot of local sounds like their friends Gamma Sound, High’n’Irie and Reservoir Dub.
They also are currently building their own heavyweight handcrafted sound system, soon to be unleashed!”
 » WICKED & BONNY (IT)  (Reggae / Dub)
Wicked and Bonny – Sometimes Wicked – sometimes Bonny! Two words representing their own style of music!
This very young project started in 2014 – based in a Studio in Silandro, Bolzano.
No rules in music – Straightbase Dubs in a digital and rough analog way, a soul-full and versatile voice and a lot of endless delays, sirens and live effects, produced for a hectic tour plan on the weekends on Soundsystem Sessions and Festival Stages!
The first releases of Wicked and Bonny will be ready in the next months. Watch out!
Wicked and Bonny and their crew built a Soundsystem called Botheration Hifi in spring time 2014 with the objective
to ìbotherî this system with music and love.
They are hosting a festival in Bolzano called Dump Town Festival and keep pushing the local underground music scene since
almost 10 years now…
Wicked and Bonny is a protest in a joyful style – catch them on their road
 » YOUNG WARRIOR (UK)  (Dub / Reggae / Roots)


 Young warrior is son of the historic dub legend Jah Shaka.

Playing out for numerous years all over Europe he has developed his own unique sound generating a following all over.
 » Zion Train Soundsystem (UK)  (Dub)

L'un des plus uniques et dynamiques live de la scène Dub! Avec un soundsystem qui mélange mixe et instruments acoustiques sur scène, l'anglais Zion Train a pu se démarquer et faire danses les foules de la planète.

 » Kanka (FR)  (Dub)
Since the release of his first album in 2005, the already cult "Don't Stop Dub", KANKA has blown a breath of fresh air to the planet Dub. Each of his productions are acclaimed by the specialized press and his tracks are played by well known and well respected DJs and sound sytems- (Iration Steppas, OBF, Blackboard Jungle..) His percussive and ultra effective style, with it's deep and hypnotic bass, has earned him many followers.
With over 400 concerts under his belt, KANKA is now considered one of the spearheads of the European steppa dub scene, his live performances being the reason for such a good reputation. Equally at home in the electro scene as in the reggae scene, he has scoured the venues and festivals and heated up the sound systems all over Europe, - but also in Morocco and Mexico, where he made two tours!
Even though KANKA's music draws it's influences from the original Jamaican and English reggae-dub, his meticulous production and sustained rhythm permits him to conquer an audience as much electro as reggae and take them into a powerful trance. After 2 major albums, "Alert" in 2006, "Sub.mersion" in 2009, and many frenzied concerts, KANKA slows the tempo and attacks dubstep in 2010 when he releases an album and a vinyl EP under the name of ALEK 6, a more introspective and confidential side project, which enables him to explore other worlds of sound.. In 2011 the conqueror of dub makes a huge comeback with the October release of "Dub Communication" and the massive tour that goes with it! It includes everything that makes up the force of KANKA: always thrusting rhythms, huge and heavy melodic bass and sharp electro sounds. These are the ingredients that are also found in his latest album "Watch Your Step" which will be released February 24, 2014.
Just as the title suggests, KANKA therefore offers steppa dub that is increasingly perfected and culminated both in terms of the compositions and in the mixes and masterings. Watch your step! The pitiless hammering is starting up and will certainly pass by close to you…Warrior Style ! 
 » ROOTSMAN SAX (NL)  (Dub / Reggae)
Rootsman (Ruud van Korven) is a saxophonist who comes from ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.
Rootsman’s love and passion for reggae and dub music, as well as his skills with the saxophone, have ensured his regular collaboration with reggae/ dub producers and soundsystems during their live sets.
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